DigitiseNow – The Digital Technology Solutions Company

At DigitseNow, we focus on experiences that help you attract, acquire, and retain customers. We combine research, design, architecture, and technical expertise to create compelling experiences and transform your business.

We help customers transform into digital company by unlocking the value of advanced analytics, automation, mobile enablement, the cloud, design thinking, and agile.

By better understanding business expectations and applying innovative technology and systems, we help companies transform how they engage with the right people, through the best channel, and at the right time.

Our agile and responsive teams bring business-relevant solutions and technology expertise to every partnership.

Our empathetic approach, DigitiseNow, keeps people at the center of everything we do, at everystage. We bring success to our clients with a culture rooted in creativity, respect, accountability, and inclusiveness.

We dedicate ourselves to deliver high-quality solutions and services to all customers.

DigitiseNow Services:

Digital Consulting Services – Offline to Online assessment, Step by step guidance and coaching to reach the Digital Excellence
Digital Experience – Web Development, Digital Marketing, SEO, Social Media, Support and Training
Customer Experience – Design thinking, Mobility

DoubleX Growth – Automation, Operational Efficiency
Digital Transformation – Faster Decision Making, Big Reach, Best Profitability
Intelligent Information Management: Data and Content Services, Robotic process automation
IOT, Cloud Computing, Blockchain, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Data Science and CyberSecurity Services

Healthcare: Digital Health Care Solutions – Connected IOMT devices, Patient Record Management, Hospital management packages

Retail: Customer Insights, Metrics, Feedback Management, Mobile Apps, AR&VR solutions