An Omni-Channel Commerce Solution What Is an Omni-Channel Commerce Solution? Omni-channel commerce is a fully-integrated approach to sales and marketing that gives shoppers a unified experience across online and offline channels. Omni-channel commerce solutions extend from brick-and-mortar to online stores and encompass … Ecommerce marketplaces Mobile websites and applications Social marketing, retargeting, and sales Messaging and SMS Deeply personalized email marketing And everything in between The aim is to bring together all these features — including, multi-channel listing, POS integration, and inventory management — to provide customers with a single buyer’s journey from platform to platform. Even more importantly, they allow companies to connect and overlap each channels’ data for aRead More →

Retailers need to look into how they can create the digital future today. The urgency to move ahead is very real. The retail landscape is becoming increasingly crowded and more competitive than ever. We are moving towards a reality where consumers can easily get anything, anytime, anywhere. And this has fundamentally changed the face of customers – how they make decisions, what they value, and how they want to do business. Retailers that do not take the essential first step to differentiate themselves through innovative customer engagement risk becoming irrelevant – forever. The speed of digitization will only accelerate. While it brings with it theRead More →