Success in the digital transformation era starts with providing the best customer experience. CIOs should use AI to redefine how businesses interact with customers. Business entities are focused on improving customer experience as that becomes one of the key differentiators for businesses moving forward. What’s critical for CIOs to understand, though, is that the focus shouldn’t be on slightly improving customer service; it should be on completely rethinking it, and that requires the use of artificial intelligence (AI). Customer service needs a rethink in the digital era Customer service today is largely reactive. An individual calls into a business’s contact center and needs to provideRead More →

The basic knowledge in the principles and practices around artificial intelligence (AI), automation and cognitive systems is something which is likely to become increasingly valuable, regardless of your field of business, expertise or profession. Fortunately, today you don’t have to take years out of your life studying at university to become familiar with this seemingly hugely complex technology. A growing number of online courses have sprung up in recent years covering everything from the basics to advanced implementation. Some are aimed at people who want to dive straight into coding their own artificial neural networks, and understandably assume a certain level of technical ability. Others are usefulRead More →

As the volume of compliance and other legal requirements increases across industries, tools that can ease the legal burden are in great demand When Vaishali Lotlikar joined Wanbury Ltd’s legal department sometime in 2014, little did she know that locating a particular contract or assembling a legal brief would involve sifting through piles of documents, and wastage of precious hours and money in the process. “There was a lot of employee churn in the legal and marketing departments. Nobody really knew where the contracts were kept and what was there in each for the company to keep an eye on,” she recalls. To streamline operations,Read More →

Al What is RPA? Why is it important? What are its benefits? What are different types of RPA? How does it work? How to choose RPA vendors? How is RPA priced? Movies have been feeding us physical robots for a long time. However the first AI bots that we will work with are software bots. This shouldn’t be surprising as hardware is hard while software is eating the world. Interest in RPA has grown ~10x in the past 1.5 years. This is no surprise since Fortune 500 CEOs can not stop talking about it. As John Cryan, CEO of Deutsche Bank said in September 2017: In our banks we haveRead More →

Even the most complex topics can be segregated in easy to consume buckets. Let me try to explain them   Artificial Intelligence (AI) Human Intelligence Exhibited by Machines Intelligence exhibited by machines Broadly defined to include any simulation of human intelligence Expanding and branching areas of research, development, and investment Includes robotics, rule-based reasoning, natural language processing (NLP), knowledge representation techniques (knowledge graphs) … Machine Learning (ML) An Approach to Achieve Artificial Intelligence Subfield of AI that aims to teach computers the ability to do tasks with data, without explicit programming Uses numerical and statistical approaches, including artificial neural networks to encode learning in models Models built usingRead More →

The convergence of property and technology Asia is at the forefront of ‘proptech’, which harnesses the power of big data, drones and AI to revolutionize the way we buy, sell and think about property. A drone the size of one’s palm buzzes 50 metres up a skyscraper in downtown Singapore. Tracing the contours of the building, the machine scans for cracks and records the temperature of the building’s façade as it makes its ascent. Sitting in a room 5 kilometres away, a man sees a live feed from the drone’s camera on his desktop screen. He analyses the data and combines it with information collectedRead More →