Digital disruption in electricity, water and gas utilities. The utility sector is at a turning point as digitization is now an unstoppable force that brings significant economic advantage to those that embrace it. The permanent shift to renewables and natural gas for power generation, for example, gives electricity companies the chance to build automation into new networks and platforms and complement base load with near real-time data-driven decision making. Off-grid and hybrid-grid power generation and distribution systems also disrupt traditional pricing models by allowing on-demand distribution of energy-as-a-service. These issues also affect the water sector, where energy is typically 30% of water utility costs. WaterRead More →

You need to practice your serve but hate picking up the balls? Enter every tennis player’s dream companion: Tennibot bills itself as the world’s first autonomous tennis ball collector. It’s a camera- and sensor-outfitted Roomba-of-sorts that’ll collect up to 90 balls at a time. The battery lasts four hours.Read More →

Top Three IoT Security Trends Here is the top three IoT security trends to follow in 2018, including digital identity and regulatory challenges. Gartner estimates the mushrooming number of connected devices will reach more than 20 billion in 2020. Keeping these devices secure will present major challenges for Internet of Things (IoT) hardware and solution vendors in the years ahead. Here are some of the major IoT security trends to follow in 2018. Security trend #1: The Identity of Things Traditional identity and access management (IAM) systems were developed to identify humans, not machines. To cope with the new connected IoT world, IAM leaders mustRead More →

A guide to Raspberry Pi alternatives, from low-cost options to more powerful boards. Six years after the release of the $35 Raspberry Pi computer, demand remains as strong as ever, with sales on track to pass 18 million boards anytime now. While the Pi’s initial success stemmed from it being a budget board packed with enough computing power and features to perform tasks ranging from controlling robots to running a media center, its enduring popularity results from its strong software support and extensive community, who help newcomers and have created a wealth of tutorials and guides. But the Pi is not alone, a broad spectrum ofRead More →