Top 5 Open Source tools for microservices Apps Any enterprise IT group that wants to become the business driver that the company wants it to be is going to need an open source–first strategy, for two reasons. First, the licensing models of proprietary software are still tied to the perpetual, per-server license fee. The problem here is that modern apps are distributed and must deal with erratic workloads and so need application resources to start and stop constantly. Paying a per-server license fee kills that approach. Second, using proprietary software ties the user’s innovation cycle to that of the vendor, completely negating your ability toRead More →

You need to practice your serve but hate picking up the balls? Enter every tennis player’s dream companion: Tennibot bills itself as the world’s first autonomous tennis ball collector. It’s a camera- and sensor-outfitted Roomba-of-sorts that’ll collect up to 90 balls at a time. The battery lasts four hours.Read More →

Which specific skills will CIOs hire in 2018 According to recent Skill Survey, CIOs will hire skills in BI & Analytics, security, cloud, infrastructure, networking, vertical-specific skills, enterprise architecture, business consulting, among others. Today’s business expect CIOs and their IT organizations to develop digital technology and business skills such as design thinking, data sciences, usercentric design and exposure to new technologies, such as IoT, Machine Learning, Big Data, and Blockchain, to drive transformation and sustain long-term benefits.Read More →

How blockchain can prevent PNB-like frauds Blockchain is a digitally distributed ledger system that records an asset’s movement and ensures point-to-point tracking of information on transaction.. If blockchain technology was used for transactions and accounting, the fraud at Punjab National Bank (PNB) could have been prevented, opine fintech experts. And now, more than ever, is a time when those in power should understand the urgent need to implement this technology in our banking system. This is because frauds are on the rise, especially in in public sector banks. According to a Reserve Bank of India (RBI) report, sourced by Reuters through an RTI, state-run banks have reported 8,670 “loanRead More →

A new generation of internet users—a swath of the poor and less-literate—tend to use voice recognition and other intuitive apps over text, creating new business winners and losers. Silicon Valley giants are rushing to respond. The internet’s global expansion is entering a new phase, and it looks decidedly unlike the last one. Instead of typing searches and emails, a wave of newcomers—“the next billion,” the tech industry calls them—is avoiding text, using voice activation and communicating with images. They are a swath of the world’s less-educated, online for the first time thanks to low-end smartphones, cheap data plans and intuitive apps that let them navigateRead More →

The need for Digital Technology India is poised to take advantage of digital technologies as they have the potential to add economic value of $550 billion to $1 trillion per year by 2025, and create millions of well-paying, productive jobs The need for digital can hardly be overstated. India is particularly poised to take advantage of digital technologies as they have the potential to add economic value of $550 billion to $1 trillion per year by 2025, and create millions of well-paying, productive jobs. The critical need of the hour is to stop thinking and start doing digital. It is, however, important to recognize thatRead More →


Interesting Interview on Digital Transformation: Almost every organisation and every CEO now acknowledges that Digital is no longer an option. It is a competitive differentiator and a way to improve customer engagement. However, there are still some laggards who are slow to adopt digital. In an exclusive interview with Brian Pereira of BW CIO World, Kiran Bhagwanani, CEO, Dimension Data India tells us about the consequences of not moving to digital. Kiran also gave us an insight on how his company is helping customers in their digital transformation journeys. BW: What are the key drivers for Digitisation today? How would you define Digital? Kiran Bhagwanani:Read More →

From machine learning to digital twins, opportunities abound in emerging (and converging) tech trends New and evolving technologies are rapidly reshaping how we work—offering creative opportunities for developers who are willing to pivot and adopt new skills. We took a look at 11 tech trends experts say are likely to disrupt current IT approaches and create demand for engineers with an eye on the future. It isn’t all about The Next Big Thing. Future opportunities for developers are emerging from a confluence of cutting-edge technologies, such as AI, VR. augmented reality, IoT, and cloud technology … and, of course, dealing with the security issues thatRead More →

The world of food has gone digital and consumers want to understand where food comes from and how it’s produced, even if that means redefining what is “natural’ and what is “organic”, an MIT professor said “Our world is controlled and described by data more than ever and the food industry should benefit from this information revolution,” Dr Caleb Harper, Director of the Open Agricultural Initiative at MIT Media Lab Dr Harper said new approaches to agriculture will help produce good-tasting and highly-nutritious agricultural products where as “the average age of an apple in a US store lasts for 14 months,” losing in that processRead More →