Leadership Books for Effective Managers Your leadership team is one of the most important assets your company has. Leaders motivate, train, drive change and make the important decisions you can’t make. While it’s important that managers have the needed technical level to guide employees, soft skills such as coaching and communication are absolutely essential. Here is a list of the seven leadership qualities Google identified and recommended reading to help your new managers develop each one: 1. Is a Good Coach The first step to becoming a great coach is to open yourself up to growth. Often what deters us most from growing is ourRead More →

Best books you must read to be a real software developer It’s easy to learn to be a coder. But knowing how to code isn’t enough to get and keep a real job in software development   Code Complete: A Practical Handbook of Software Construction, Second Edition. You learned how to code and all, but did you learn when to code and what to code? Moreover, there are a number of things that you should probably know (like why Booleans may not make great status variables). While there is some dust even on the second edition, there is gold here. The Mythical Man-Month. Most problems that will happen onRead More →

The best books on Blockchain Blockchain RevolutionOver 30 years, no theorist of the digital age has better explained the next big thing than Don Tapscott. For example, in WikinomicsTapscott was the first to show how the Internet provides the first global platform for mass collaboration. Now, he writes about a profound technological shift that will change how the world does business—and everything else—using blockchain technology, which powers the digital currency Bitcoin.The Internet as we know it is great for collaboration and communication, but is deeply flawed when it comes to commerce and privacy. The new blockchain technology facilitates peer-to-peer transactions without any intermediary such as aRead More →

The Singularity Is Near: When Humans Transcend Biology is a 2005 non-fiction book about artificial intelligence and the future of humanity by inventor and futurist Ray Kurzweil. The book builds on the ideas introduced in Kurzweil’s previous books, The Age of Intelligent Machines (1990) and The Age of Spiritual Machines (1999). This time, however, Kurzweil embraces the term the Singularity, which was popularized by Vernor Vinge in his 1993 essay “The Coming Technological Singularity” more than a decade earlier.[1] Kurzweil describes his law of accelerating returns which predicts an exponential increase in technologies like computers, genetics, nanotechnology, robotics and artificial intelligence. Once the Singularity hasRead More →