Very interesting case study on using Zebra Technologies’ SmartPack Trailer. this helps loading operations in transportation industry. SmartPack Trailer is designed to use the internet of things (IoT) to give public and private freight and parcel carriers real-time operational visibility into the efficiency of loading trailers, load quality, staff training and safety. Transporting freight operates at a massive scale in the U.S., most of it hauled by trucks that are the lifeblood of the American economy. But the trailers those trucks are hauling typically have a load efficiency of 70 to 75 percent, says Tom Bianculli, CTO of Zebra Technologies. The remaining 25 to 30 percentRead More →

“Agile, flexible IT is the key to a successful digital transformation. That means the right mix of on-premises and public cloud, and managed infrastructure,” says Rick Einhorn, worldwide vice president, data center consulting, part of HPE Pointnext, Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s newly branded services arm. The digital imperative has gained urgency. HPE studies show that more than 67 percent of technology leaders surveyed at Forbes Global 2000 enterprises expected their top initiatives to be related to digital transformation. By 2018, these companies will have digital transformation at the core of their IT strategy.  Read More →

For the past several years, digital transformation has been a constant topic of focus in the business community. Much has been written about the risks of digital disruption and the need for digital transformation in the world of digital platforms. But what does digital transformation really mean—and why do so many companies fail to achieve their goals? One of the main problems is that there are actually two types of digital transformation: linear and exponential. Most companies want the results of the exponential transformation, but focus instead on the linear transformation, which is easier to understand and implement. So what differentiates linear and exponential transformation?Read More →

We have found that for companies to build value and provide compelling customer experiences at lower cost, they need to commit to a next-generation operating model. This operating model is a new way of running the organization that combines digital technologies and operations capabilities in an integrated, well-sequenced way to achieve step-change improvements in revenue, customer experience, and cost. Link    Read More →

Retailers need to look into how they can create the digital future today. The urgency to move ahead is very real. The retail landscape is becoming increasingly crowded and more competitive than ever. We are moving towards a reality where consumers can easily get anything, anytime, anywhere. And this has fundamentally changed the face of customers – how they make decisions, what they value, and how they want to do business. Retailers that do not take the essential first step to differentiate themselves through innovative customer engagement risk becoming irrelevant – forever. The speed of digitization will only accelerate. While it brings with it theRead More →

Mobilising the enterprise with ‘micro apps’ empowers organisations to revolutionise their core processes, enabling employees with access to timely important information. Micro apps break down processes into bite-sized chunks to be completed anywhere, on the move. Additionally, the easy-to-use interface means no user training is needed to reap the rewards.  Read More →

Korn Ferry research has identified five impacts of digitization with various degrees of risk and value creation: cost reduction, customer/employees experience, product/technology innovation, employees empowerment and networks activation, and new business models. The less digitally mature organizations see digitization as an extension of their current business: how to be more efficient and enhance clients’ and employees’ experience. More digitally mature organizations leverage their assets to develop new technologies, fundamentally rethink their relationships with clients and employees (e.g., active networks), and build disruptive business models. The development of from a low cost online bookstore to an open digital Web, logistics and retail marketplace illustrates theseRead More →

  Digital transformation is changing the way Indian enterprises conduct their business and create a great experience for their customers. The anxiety around digital disruption is that it is happening everywhere. The reality is that it will change entire industries for the better. More →