Mobilising the enterprise with ‘micro apps’ empowers organisations to revolutionise their core processes, enabling employees with access to timely important information. Micro apps break down processes into bite-sized chunks to be completed anywhere, on the move. Additionally, the easy-to-use interface means no user training is needed to reap the rewards.  Read More →

Korn Ferry research has identified five impacts of digitization with various degrees of risk and value creation: cost reduction, customer/employees experience, product/technology innovation, employees empowerment and networks activation, and new business models. The less digitally mature organizations see digitization as an extension of their current business: how to be more efficient and enhance clients’ and employees’ experience. More digitally mature organizations leverage their assets to develop new technologies, fundamentally rethink their relationships with clients and employees (e.g., active networks), and build disruptive business models. The development of from a low cost online bookstore to an open digital Web, logistics and retail marketplace illustrates theseRead More →

  Digital transformation is changing the way Indian enterprises conduct their business and create a great experience for their customers. The anxiety around digital disruption is that it is happening everywhere. The reality is that it will change entire industries for the better. More →