The best books on Blockchain Blockchain RevolutionOver 30 years, no theorist of the digital age has better explained the next big thing than Don Tapscott. For example, in WikinomicsTapscott was the first to show how the Internet provides the first global platform for mass collaboration. Now, he writes about a profound technological shift that will change how the world does business—and everything else—using blockchain technology, which powers the digital currency Bitcoin.The Internet as we know it is great for collaboration and communication, but is deeply flawed when it comes to commerce and privacy. The new blockchain technology facilitates peer-to-peer transactions without any intermediary such as aRead More →

The Singularity Is Near: When Humans Transcend Biology is a 2005 non-fiction book about artificial intelligence and the future of humanity by inventor and futurist Ray Kurzweil. The book builds on the ideas introduced in Kurzweil’s previous books, The Age of Intelligent Machines (1990) and The Age of Spiritual Machines (1999). This time, however, Kurzweil embraces the term the Singularity, which was popularized by Vernor Vinge in his 1993 essay “The Coming Technological Singularity” more than a decade earlier.[1] Kurzweil describes his law of accelerating returns which predicts an exponential increase in technologies like computers, genetics, nanotechnology, robotics and artificial intelligence. Once the Singularity hasRead More →

Urgent Job Openings !!! Job Title – Lead Engineer / Senior Lead Engineer – Software Development UI Job Location – Chennai The candidates with the following experience are preferable in building and architecting software solutions in Telecom domain and more specifically in ILL, MPLS, SIP, VPN products The ideal candidate would have the following qualifications/experience: Bachelor degree (Computer Science / IT) with about 6-10 years of experience in software development with minimum 3 years Angular.js experience Knowledge on HTTP, basic programming skills Expert in DOM/XML/JSON Expert in Angular.js (version 4 +) Good experience in webservices like SOAP/REST Expert in solving cross browser and cross platformRead More →

The basic knowledge in the principles and practices around artificial intelligence (AI), automation and cognitive systems is something which is likely to become increasingly valuable, regardless of your field of business, expertise or profession. Fortunately, today you don’t have to take years out of your life studying at university to become familiar with this seemingly hugely complex technology. A growing number of online courses have sprung up in recent years covering everything from the basics to advanced implementation. Some are aimed at people who want to dive straight into coding their own artificial neural networks, and understandably assume a certain level of technical ability. Others are usefulRead More →

As the volume of compliance and other legal requirements increases across industries, tools that can ease the legal burden are in great demand When Vaishali Lotlikar joined Wanbury Ltd’s legal department sometime in 2014, little did she know that locating a particular contract or assembling a legal brief would involve sifting through piles of documents, and wastage of precious hours and money in the process. “There was a lot of employee churn in the legal and marketing departments. Nobody really knew where the contracts were kept and what was there in each for the company to keep an eye on,” she recalls. To streamline operations,Read More →

Digital disruption in electricity, water and gas utilities. The utility sector is at a turning point as digitization is now an unstoppable force that brings significant economic advantage to those that embrace it. The permanent shift to renewables and natural gas for power generation, for example, gives electricity companies the chance to build automation into new networks and platforms and complement base load with near real-time data-driven decision making. Off-grid and hybrid-grid power generation and distribution systems also disrupt traditional pricing models by allowing on-demand distribution of energy-as-a-service. These issues also affect the water sector, where energy is typically 30% of water utility costs. WaterRead More →

Al What is RPA? Why is it important? What are its benefits? What are different types of RPA? How does it work? How to choose RPA vendors? How is RPA priced? Movies have been feeding us physical robots for a long time. However the first AI bots that we will work with are software bots. This shouldn’t be surprising as hardware is hard while software is eating the world. Interest in RPA has grown ~10x in the past 1.5 years. This is no surprise since Fortune 500 CEOs can not stop talking about it. As John Cryan, CEO of Deutsche Bank said in September 2017: In our banks we haveRead More →

Even the most complex topics can be segregated in easy to consume buckets. Let me try to explain them   Artificial Intelligence (AI) Human Intelligence Exhibited by Machines Intelligence exhibited by machines Broadly defined to include any simulation of human intelligence Expanding and branching areas of research, development, and investment Includes robotics, rule-based reasoning, natural language processing (NLP), knowledge representation techniques (knowledge graphs) … Machine Learning (ML) An Approach to Achieve Artificial Intelligence Subfield of AI that aims to teach computers the ability to do tasks with data, without explicit programming Uses numerical and statistical approaches, including artificial neural networks to encode learning in models Models built usingRead More →

Scientists, technologists, engineers, and visionaries are building the future. Amazing things are in the pipeline. It’s a big deal. But you already knew all that. Such speculation is common. What’s less common? Scale. How big is big? “Silicon Valley, Silicon Alley, Silicon Dock, all of the Silicons around the world, they are dreaming the dream. … 1. Deep Learning Could Be Worth 35 Amazons Deep learning is a subcategory of machine learning which is itself a subcategory of artificial intelligence. Deep learning is the source of much of the hype surrounding AI today. As deep learning advances, it should automate and improve technology, transportation, manufacturing, healthcare,Read More →

You need to practice your serve but hate picking up the balls? Enter every tennis player’s dream companion: Tennibot bills itself as the world’s first autonomous tennis ball collector. It’s a camera- and sensor-outfitted Roomba-of-sorts that’ll collect up to 90 balls at a time. The battery lasts four hours.Read More →