The Internet of Things, big data and artificial intelligence/machine learning are helping to transform the transport industry. Every part of the transportation industry is impacted with the result of safer, more efficient and smarter transportation systems. Source: The Future Of The Transport Industry – IoT, Big Data, AI And Autonomous VehiclesRead More →

Improving customer experiences (70%) and safety (56%) are the two areas enterprises are using data generated from IoT solutions most often today. 62% plan to deploy IoT initiatives company-wide in the future. These insights are from the Zebra Technologies inaugural Intelligent Enterprise Index. Source: 70% Of Enterprises Invest In IoT To Improve Customer ExperiencesRead More →

The IoT market is blooming, and so is the necessity for IoT testing. IDC projected in their last report that IoT spending will reach US $1.29 trillion in 2020. Other analysis show the number of devices and usages will be growing dramatically in the next few years: What is the Internet of Things? IoT is a very wide trend and refers to physical objects which wirelessly connect to networks using different protocols like WiFi, ZigBee, […] Source: IoT Testing for BLE ProtocolRead More →

Digital Business transformation augments the value creation processes of today’s leading organizations. A successful transformation begins by identifying where and how digital technologies, and the resulting data, can be applied to optimize key business processes, uncover new monetization opportunities and create a more compelling customer experience Source: Digital Business Transformation FrameworkRead More →