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The IoT market is blooming, and so is the necessity for IoT testing. IDC projected in their last report that IoT spending will reach US $1.29 trillion in 2020. Other analysis show the number of devices and usages will be growing dramatically in the next few years: What is the Internet of Things? IoT is a very wide trend and refers to physical objects which wirelessly connect to networks using different protocols like WiFi, ZigBee, […] Source: IoT Testing for BLE ProtocolRead More →

Digital Business transformation augments the value creation processes of today’s leading organizations. A successful transformation begins by identifying where and how digital technologies, and the resulting data, can be applied to optimize key business processes, uncover new monetization opportunities and create a more compelling customer experience Source: Digital Business Transformation FrameworkRead More →


Interesting Interview on Digital Transformation: Almost every organisation and every CEO now acknowledges that Digital is no longer an option. It is a competitive differentiator and a way to improve customer engagement. However, there are still some laggards who are slow to adopt digital. In an exclusive interview with Brian Pereira of BW CIO World, Kiran Bhagwanani, CEO, Dimension Data India tells us about the consequences of not moving to digital. Kiran also gave us an insight on how his company is helping customers in their digital transformation journeys. BW: What are the key drivers for Digitisation today? How would you define Digital? Kiran Bhagwanani:Read More →

StubHub When CIO Marty Boos joined StubHub five-plus years ago the ticket retailer’s infrastructure was struggling to handle the sheer volume of a business that processes thousands of ticket transactions daily for concerts and sporting events. Leveraging Linux servers and technology from VMware, Akamai and Oracle, Boos built a private cloud that scales elastically. To better support global transactions in the wake of StubHub’s purchase of Ticketbis, Boos is close to picking a public cloud vendor to process payments locally in 44 countries worldwide. “We’re going to use that to get the transaction closer to the consumer,” Boos says. The private but soon-to-be hybrid cloudRead More →